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Renewed appreciation for my blog

I originally started this blog so that when I have a second child, I don’t have to redo all of the research I had done already. So far, I haven’t had to need the information (but we’re still trying). But

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Stereo issues

We have had this crazy humming/feedback sound coming through our stereo whenever we play anything from our computer. It wasn’t always that way. It has been driving my normally sane husband quite crazy. We just had that installed about a

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Three In One Tricycle from Alex Toys on sale at Amazon

We’ve been looking at the 3-in-1 trikes for a long time now. I was so excited to see the Alex Ready, Set, Go! Red Trike on sale today on Amazon for only $79.99 – Its normally $199.99! Now let me

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Dog barking while gone

I knew that our dog would bark when we were gone, but I only thought she barked for about 15 minutes. Apparently she barks for a really long time. So it looks like we’re going to need to get her

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Piddle Pad

My friend and I were just talking about how her toddler daughter had a major blowout in the car seat the other day.  I mentioned the Piddle Pad to her and she had never heard of it. In case you

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Amazon’s price for Frontline Plus just can’t be beat

I’m always amazed at how much lower Amazon’s prices usually are. And when it comes to Frontline Plus for dogs, its really cheaper!

Posted in Personal – Baby Gizmo Weekly Giveaway – Baby Gizmo Weekly Giveaway. This week’s new give away: An awesome Phil & Ted’s stroller!  Good luck (although, I really hope I win it)!

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Tiny Birds Organics is having a moving SALE!

Tiny Birds is having a moving sale.  Everything is 60% off with FREE shipping, too!  Now’s the chance to get some of those items you’ve been putting off just because you’ve been waiting for a great sale. If you’ve

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Letting your toddler watch TV

Sitting in front of the “boob tube” (as my grandpa used to call it) has been a much talked about conversation in our household. I grew up with the TV on almost all the time, my husband did not. I

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Miscarriage Update

I realized that I never updated the blogosphere on what happened. Yes, I indeed had a miscarriage last Friday. One of the more surprising (but actually shouldn’t be surprising) things that came out of me writing about miscarriage is how

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