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To the well meaning mother of older children

Dear mom of older children, While I appreciate your intention of telling me (repeatedly I might add) to enjoy my children, this has not been an enjoyable morning with those children. Having an overly tired, whiny 5½ year old start the

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Homework is unnecessary and science proves it!

Just read a WONDERFUL article “Homework: An unnecessary evil? … Surprising findings from new research” I already knew this. Anyone who went to school with me knows how much I ABHOR homework and how little of it I actually ever

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Mother’s Day is bittersweet

Before you have kids, everyone that has kids tells you how amazing it is to have kids. Of course, there is no way one can understand how incredibly true this is. I love my kids so much sometimes it scares

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Let’s Cure Cerebral Palsy March 2014

CP Family Network is partnering with to find a cure for cerebral palsy. We both firmly believe that CP families are our children’s first and best advocates. Between now and March 25, you can make a donation to help

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My son has strep where?

My son has strep in his anus! Whoa! What? I didn’t even know you could get it there. Apparently, you can get strep just about anywhere and its more common than you realize. In fact, many of the anal infections

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Deva Dalporto, the author behind, has come up with another very funny parody. I rather enjoyed her What Does the Kid Say (What does the Fox say parody), but this frozen cover is by far my favorite! Enjoy! Let

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Being a parent of a special needs child brings unexpected joy

Being a parent of a special needs child is a journey that I had no intention of ever going on. It is exhausting, heart wrenching, full of disappointments, etc. But the one thing I didn’t expect is how much joy

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Parchment paper or aluminum foil for the environment

I’ve been doing a lot of baking recently so I busted out the big roll of parchment paper that we’ve had sitting in our cabinet. We ran out of aluminum foil and I wondered if I could use parchment paper

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Coconut Oil for baby = happy mommy

Coconut oil has got to be one of my most favorite things… EVER! Besides all of the wonderful health benefits (like maintaining a healthy weight ie: you lose weight if you’re overweight, you gain weight if you’re under weight), coconut

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The Snow Queen – Animated children’s movie

We just watched the Snow Queen on Netflix and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. It was just the right level of action and scariness for a frequently scared toddler. The animation was

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