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Okay, so really I am the mom that recycles (although I did learn the habit from my mom).  My name is Wendy and I LOVE to do research.  In fact, I got a degree in Marketing (and Finance, too) and took research classes for my electives.  My friends know this about me and will often call me up or send me an email asking about some random topic.  They know that if I don’t know the answer I WILL go find it.

I often get the same questions over and over again, so I figured I might as well set up a blog so I can quickly find the information that I already found all summarized and easy to share.  And besides, it’d seem like such a waste for me not to share… sharing is caring!

As for the question “what do you do?”  I’m married and have one son (for now) and am a happy WAHM.  I get hired by various companies and do marketing from my home (catalogs, ads and even write some articles).  Prior to getting married, I’ve had several jobs in several different industries but primarily in real estate and biometrics.

If you’re wondering about the environmental posts, nearly all of my current clients are eco-conscience and either sell eco-friendly products or provide environmentally safe/aware services.  Because I do their marketing I know a lot about the dangers of formaldehyde, sustainable wood, energy saving solutions… actually, the list goes on and on.  So don’t be surprised when you see an article or two about eco-conscience topics that don’t seem related to motherhood.

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  1. Alexis says:

    Hi Wendy! I’m helping Bill and TIm with the reunion, and through Bill’s friends on facebook, found this link to your blog (I’m not on FB). I’m so glad that you’ve found your Providence friends, and I love your blog–I have two little ones (Miles is 3.5 and Nico–she’s a girl–is nearly 2), and I’m always looking for a better (earthier) way to do things. And I just glanced at the beauty stuff, and my pores are practically begging me for a facial! Hope we’ll see you at the reunion! Alexis Rodriguez

  2. Pasha Lubeck says:

    Dear Wendy,

    Such a fantastic blog! I have been reading My Mom Recycles for some time now and appreciate the variety of topics you present, especially those on parenting. In fact, your post “Letting Your Toddler Watch TV” was helpful as I have my own toddler, a boy of 3. I don’t usually let him watch TV, and if I do it’s strictly educational programming like appropriate episodes of NOVA and brain-building activity movies for kids. The information you presented was really beneficial and it sparked a curiosity in me—what will it be like for parents in the 21st century?

    Since reading your post, I’ve been researching the future of parenting. I’ve discovered a multitude of ideas on the topic, some of them scary. Others have been extremely helpful, like yours, and I’m motivated to share the most helpful ones I’ve encountered in a guest post on your blog as inspiration and information for other parents in the US. I’m calling it “Parenting in the 21st Century”.

    In it I focus on how parenting has changed over the past decade and how it will continue to change in the coming years. Based on these projections, I give readers ways that they can raise healthy, active and intelligent children. I think your audience will find it compelling and if you agree, I would be happy to send it your way to review.

    Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you!

    Pasha Lubeck

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