A baby with a fever is very scary

This past Sunday I was totally laid out by a nasty virus. I was running a temperature and achy all over – you know when your skin hurts achy. Luckily, I woke up Monday morning feeling fine.

During this little bout of sickness, my milk supply ran a bit low so my baby didn’t sleep well because he was up frequently wanting to nurse. He seemed fussy during the morning and didn’t have very wet diapers. By afternoon, he was sleeping. I realized he’d been sleeping A LOT and the moment he stirred after the afternoon nap I picked him up, kissed his forehead and realized he was burning up!

I took his temperature – it was 101.7. I immediately called the nurses hotline and they told me to take him in right away. So called my husband, looked up the closest urgent care covered by our insurance and the moment my husband walked in the door I took my baby to the ER.

The nurses were great (which by the way it happened to be Nurses Week) and took care of us and helped me feel less scared. Unfortunately, the hospital I went to didn’t have a pediatrics department. So when the doctor came in and told me that my baby was REALLY sick, my heart sank. I knew he was sick but to hear those words “REALLY sick” nothing can compare. My mind started to spin in a million different directions.

With a baby so young, there’s no way of knowing what’s wrong just by examining him. So began a barrage of tests including a spinal tap. To be honest, I wasn’t on board with the spinal tap and needed some clarification as to why it was necessary. However, once I realized that its basically the same as an epidural and its necessary because with such little bodies infections can spread very quickly and can spread into the brain (meningitis).

Luckily, within about 15 minutes of getting some fluids and some Tylenol, the color returned and Max started to seem normal again. I knew he had gotten worse as the time had passed but I didn’t realize how bad he had gotten until I saw the difference after receiving the fluids and fever reducer.

We eventually got transferred to Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach (its far from our place but its a straight shot on the freeway). During which Max received multiple rounds of antibiotics. He received fluids for the first 10 hours but they stopped because he didn’t need them after awhile (he was nursing great and output was enough). They had to continue the antibiotics until the test results came back. Unfortunately, there is no quick way to get the results. The tests are comprised of allowing the fluid samples obtained to grow. It takes at least 24 hours for bacteria to grow.

As it turns out, every test came back negative – YEAH! So most likely Max got the nasty virus that I had.  If Max had been older, they would’ve released him after 24 hours (actually, if he had been older I would’ve been able to give him Tylenol or Motrin to see if his fever would go down) but they just don’t mess around with babies. For good reason – it really doesn’t take hardly any time for a baby to spiral out of good health.  I watched it with Max and that was just a minor virus – can’t imagine what it would be like with something a bit nastier.

So once again my little bundle of joy has given me a near heart attack. They say that all kids will give their parents problems… I’m just hoping this has all happened so that we’re getting everything out of the way now.

All is well that ends well, right?!

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  1. Paulette says:

    This is so scary Wendy! Alexis was born with a fever and had to have a spinal tap – staying in the NICU for 10 days (I spiked a fever during labor from pushing 2+ hours). All ended up fine but I remember all those emotions like it was yesterday. So so glad he is on the mend!!

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