4 year old birthday party – how much is too much?

My son LOVES birthday parties. He LOVES the little tchotchkes he gets. God forbid I actually try to throw one of them away – he has actually gone digging in the trash when I have told him I threw some away. He still brings up this crappy little magnifying glass that I threw away. He more or less likes the cake/cup cakes – even if he doesn’t eat it, he still wants it.

But more importantly, my son has been planning his birthday party for nearly 3 months. Yes 3 months! He has not wavered in his idea. The same thing happened last year. Although he actually started planning it in January!

I feel a little guilty because we are spending much more money than we probably should. But I know how much he is going to love it. Granted he probably would be happy with just a few friends but he personally picked out his (quite lengthy) guest list. I have tried to convince him of different options for a birthday party but NO, he wants his big old space party at the park.

So that’s what we are doing. To be honest, I really don’t mind.

Before having kids, we used to live in this funky old guest house with amazing neighbors so we threw parties all the time. We easily spent a couple hundred dollars (mostly on booze) when we were entertaining our friends. I really miss those parties. One good thing about this party, I get to see some of my friends that I wouldn’t normally get to see. This party might be for my son, but its as much for my husband and me.

In the end, it is probably going to cost us as much as if we gone to one of those bounce houses or indoor playgrounds. But that’s not what he wants.

Will he ever remember this? Maybe not, but he STILL talks about his Pirate party from last year. So chances are he will. And even if he doesn’t, I WILL remember the big ole’ smile on his face as he plays with his friends dressed up like an astronaut. And I WILL get to catch up with some of my friends and get to see their kids.

Too much for a 4 year old?? Maybe, but we’re still going to do it and have a grand ole time while we’re at it.


If you’re looking for some ideas for a space party check out my Pinterest board or my Amazon list:



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